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Vl2020 Battery 90 Degree

This 2-pack of panasonic Battery 90 degree 2-pack for bmw is designed to charge the key remote of a keyless entry vehicles, the package includes 100% recyclable panasonic batteries, which makes them good for many other applications as well.

Panasonic Vl2020 Battery 90 Degree

This panasonic Battery 90 degree is an outstanding alternative for your next cost effective key remote fob rechargeable, this package includes 2 pcs batteries for your convenience. The natural plastic design with yellow screw terminals makes it uncomplicated to find and charges quickly, the high capacity and low price means you can trust that this panasonic Battery 90 degree will power your device until the next charge. This is an 3 v90 Battery for the bmw remote key, it is a high-quality, high-capacity 3 v90 Battery that is sterling for folks who wish to handle their key in a variety of different vehicles. The Battery includes a high-density Battery capacitor and a high-voltage battery, so it can handle power requirements evenly, additionally, this Battery is rechargeable, so it can stay topped up until the key is fully charged. This key rechargeable Battery peerless for the bmw fob, it is manufactured from durable materials and comes with an 2 pcs key. The key rechargeable Battery can easily recharge your device for an extended period of time, this Battery is designed to recharge the Battery in your bmw. It presents an 90-degree profile and is manufactured of high-quality materials, it effortless to adopt and straightforward to recharge.