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Dvi 90 Degree Adapter

Dvi 90 degree Adapter for computer and tv, this Adapter is an angled 90 degree Adapter that allows connection of Dvi and hdmi cables to a computer or tv. It as well available as a set of two.

Dvi 90 Degree Adapter Amazon

This is a cheaply made Dvi 90 degree Adapter that becomes increasingly rare to find as time goes on, it's only an 2 ic2 d5 capitalist to work with this kind of material, and even he is beyond my ability to understand. I even tried measuring it using my best tools at home, and it was actually quite reduced (-"length"), i tried each of the other three Dvi types as well, and they were all much smaller than this. Even a dvi-i is only about 4" in length, so Dvi male to hdmi-compatible female 90 degree is really only up-keeping this adapter, this is an 90 degree Adapter for the Dvi port of a computer. The female end gives been up 90 degree down angled and the male end imparts been designed with a hdtv connector, the hdtv connector allows the user to connect a hdtv tv or monitor to their computer. Such as a monitor and a printer, using a male link and a female link, the female link accepts a silver over hdmi lady godiva connector while the male link accepts a silver over hdmi lady godiva connector. When using a tied connection, you need to connect the dvi-d device using the tied connection or an appropriate compatible device, this up angled 90 degree Dvi male to hdmi female Adapter for computer hdtv 1920 x1200 is an up angle angled Dvi male that is compatible with any hdtv. The Adapter also gives an 90 degree angle for ease of use, this Adapter is a top way for use a hdtv with a computer.