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90 Degree Impact Wrench Adapter

Introducing the klein tools 90-degree Impact Wrench adapter! This product is for the 90-degree Impact wrench, and offers the following features: for a through-the-body impact, this Adapter is right for you! Plus, it comes with an 716 Adapter for straightforward use.

90 Degree 1/2 Impact Adapter

This klein tool 716-inch Adapter for klein tool 90-degree Impact Wrench is a valuable surrogate to keep your tool in good condition no matter what, the tool offers an inch drive and is equipped with a hot end for this klein tool 90-degree Impact Wrench Adapter helps you use 90-degree Impact wrenches safely and efficiently. The tool is designed to easily fit over the hole on your klein tool, and it ensures that there is no space left over from previous wrenches, the Adapter also grants a rubber grip that makes it easier to handle, and it takes only two minutes to get your klein tool 90-degree Impact Wrench ready for use. This keyhole Impact Wrench is designed for use with the klein tools hand tool, the tool imparts a b-shape design that is uncomplicated to hold and fits most hand sizes. The tool provides a hard anodization that makes it durable, and the alloy steel shank makes it straightforward to handle, it gives a red anodization and is filled with power. The Adapter allows for on-the-fly modification of the tool's reach, speed and balance, the Adapter also includes a plastic washer and plastic cap to keep your Wrench set in good condition.