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90 Degree Angle Pressure Washer Nozzle

This Pressure Washer offers an u-shape Nozzle that is angled lance extension spray wand nozzles that can be used for shampoo, conditioner, and water, the Nozzle is further equipped with an 30-degree Angle that can be used for sweeping water across a surface.

Pressure Washer 90 Degree Wand

This high Pressure Washer uses a metal pole to spray water onto the pole from a distance, the wand grandparents the water to the pan where it is used to clean surfaces. The Nozzle sends the water in a specific direction, the 90 degree Angle of the wand allows the Washer to clean multiple surfaces at once. This 90 degree Pressure Washer fitting is for use with the new 34 cm lance 34 cm, it is an angled Pressure Washer Nozzle that makes it possible to operate it in a parallel or horizontally striped pattern. It as well possible to operate it in a random assortment of sizes, this is a metal pole high Pressure Washer spray Nozzle that works on water guns. The spray Nozzle is an angled wand that reaches a maximum reach of 90 degrees, the Washer spray Nozzle is puissant for use water guns in areas with tight spaces. This Pressure Washer 90 degree Angle adapter is for the new 90 degree Pressure Washer from dewalt, it's an angled Pressure Washer Nozzle extension, exceptional for enthusiasts with a dewalt Pressure washer. The length of the adapter is 14 quick release, so it's top for lovers with a new or style Pressure washer.