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2.5 Inch 90 Degree Exhaust Elbow

5 Inch Elbow Exhaust pipe with 90 degree stainless steel design, this pipe is exceptional for a variety of cars, trucks, and other vehicles with Elbow engines. It is furthermore compatible with 201 stainless steel Elbow engines.

25 Inch 90 Degree Exhaust Pipe

This 2, 5 Inch 90 degree Exhaust pipe is fabricated of stainless steel and renders a bend in it that is 2. It imparts an Elbow tube type design and is equipped with an Exhaust mandrel, 5 stainless steel Elbow is a top surrogate for pipe competition or industrial use. It is fabricated from a heavy-duty stainless steel that grants a bend in it that allows it to accommodate a variety diameters, the mandrel is then used to make the bend in the pipe, this substitute of using the pipe creates a straight line that can be measured. This product is a weldable Exhaust pipe that can be installed in an 22, 53 stainless steel car. The bend in the pipe is allowed by the angle of incidence which is determined by the angle of incidence measured with the camera, the pipe then provides a t-bar style curve that can be yours to create! Additionally, the pipe can be moved or shifted around without any waste branch. The 2 pcs 2, 5 Inch 2 long stainless steel 90 degree bend pipe Elbow tube Exhaust is a first-class way for admirers who need to runs with their engines with out getting an updates on their engines. This pipe is produced with high quality and is available in 2 sizes.