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2.5 90 Degree Exhaust Elbow

Looking for a top quality and affordable Exhaust elbow? Don't look anywhere than our 2, 5 od Exhaust elbow. This polished stainless steel bent pipe Elbow is top for a variety of horror show enthusiasts applications, waiting for a must-have part in your horror show? Our Exhaust elbows are created with an 2. 5 od edge in mind.

2 1/2 90 Degree Exhaust Elbow

This 2 90 degree Exhaust Elbow pipe is a first-class part to replace your old Elbow pipe, this part is produced of stainless steel and will last you for years. It imparts a bend in it that allows the air to flow freely through the pipe and is produced of 43 mm stainless steel, it is a fantastic part to adopt in your car's engine. This is an 2, 5 inch 90 degree Exhaust pipe with 12 arms. It is aluminized steel and the length is at 12 inches, the width is at inches. The depth is at inches, the height is at inches. This pipe is designed to provide power and performance, this 2. 5 inch Exhaust pipe is an an excellent alternative for a vehicles that requires excellent performance and fuel efficiency, the pipe is aluminized steel and it is 16 ga. This steel type is further used for vehicles that have a heavyduty aesthetic, the aluminized steel makes this type of pipe strong and strong enough for clones, and other high performance tools. 5 welded pie cuts back purged 90 degree Elbow 304 stainless steel Exhaust provides been designed with an 3-1/2"w webster flare for increased reliability, it is again back-purged with an 90-degree Elbow for facile installation. This Exhaust presents a rukus of 1-1/2" and.